Finally! An app that shrinks your class admin and helps grow your business.

Do you struggle to find the time to:

  • promote your classes?
  • sign clients up to your courses?
  • record client details?
  • manage courses and sessions?
  • grow your attendance and income?

Use Attend to increase your income and grow the business that you love!

Create and manage your classes and other admin from your Attend dashboard

Let your clients sign up and pay online 24/7

Take attendance and view your clients' details on your smartphone with the mobile app

With Attend you can do all this, and more!

Sign up today, and enjoy a year’s FREE TRIAL as one of our beta testers

Attend can be used by a variety of fitness professionals

Fitness Intructor

Personal Trainer

Yoga Teacher

Pilates Intructor

Swimming Teacher

Tennis Coach

Running Coach

Badminton Coach

Cricket Coach

Boxing Instructor

Sports Camps

Football Coaches

If you want to spend less time on admin, and more time with your clients and growing your business you need Attend.

Manage courses and sessions

Create, amend and promote your classes from anywhere and anytime.

Make booking convenient

Online booking and payment system available 24/7.

Record attendance easily

Record attendance using your phone.

Create advanced reports

Create reports to track income, attendance and measure your business progress.

Medical flags and emergency contacts

Get vital client information in seconds.

Manage your team

Assign staff to classes or sessions.

Create special offers

Send personal invitations with special prices.

Send one message to many

Keep in  touch by creating one text message and sending to all class attendees.

Spend less time on admin and more time growing your business!

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