So, how much does the Attend app cost?

You might have seen the Attend app and are wondering how much it costs compared to other software out there. Or perhaps this is the first time you’ve considered using an app to help with your business admin and course bookings.

Well, here at Attend we pride ourselves on helping out the little people, so as a small business we keep our prices low but our customer service standards high. We understand how hard it is for small businesses to keep prices affordable but also make a profit which is why we came up with our great value  pricing structure.

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Flexible pricing helps smaller businesses

After a free trial period, Attend charges a monthly subscription to use the app. There are three price bands, starting at £10 a month for up to 120 participants on courses. The price bands are based on the number of members attending live courses in your club during a calendar month. If your client numbers increase for one month you’ll only stay in the increased band for as long as your numbers are at that level. If your clients decrease to below the band level, your prices will also decrease. If you stop your classes for a month or two for any reason, you won’t pay a penny for that period. We don’t have any hidden fees: everything is open and honest. And because we use ‘Stripe’ to handle all subscriptions we don’t store any card details.

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Currently Attend is offering new clients a 12-month free trial* of our app, so the only costs you’ll have to pay for the whole year will be the small transaction charges when your attendees pay for your classes online. We use Stripe as the financial portal for online payments, and the small cost is a combination of Stripe’s transaction charge of 20p + 1.4% of the transaction value, and an Attend processing fee of 10p per transaction.


In addition to providing secure transactions and transferring your money into your designated bank account after a few days, Stripe has a range of extra reporting and data management features that can help you with your business if you wanted to take advantage of them. Plus, if you already have a Stripe account, you can connect that account to Attend so all your business transactions will be kept in one place. Signing up to Stripe to take payments is entirely optional – you can deal with your session fees in cash or ask your participants to pay by bank transfer – the transaction charges will only apply when your attendees pay online.

Why should I use Attend?

We totally get that it’s hard for small businesses to make ends meet sometimes, and any fees, even small ones, can feel like a loss of profit, but when you think of what you’re getting for that cost: an online booking system with customisable prices, app-based registers for your sessions, easy contact management to communicate with your attendees, and downloadable reports to make your end of year admin as painless as possible, you realise that the small cost is a little in exchange for a lot.

How does Attend compare to Eventbrite and PayPal?

There are a host of companies who offer online tickets which you might have thought about using in the past for your sessions. We’ve done a price comparison with three of the larger, popular providers, looking at how their fees stack up against Attend’s. The companies were ‘Brown Paper Tickets’, ‘PayPal’ integration and ‘Eventbrite’. The transaction fees for these were all higher than Attend. The tale below shows the comparison from our research.

Name Percentage Fee per transaction Fixed fee per transaction Your profit for a single £10 Transaction Your profit for a single £25 Transaction
Eventbrite Professional 6.5% £0.49 £8.86 £22.89
Brown Paper Tickets 5.0% £0.79 £8.71 £22.96
Eventbrite Essentials 3.5% £0.49 £9.16 £23.64
PayPal Integration 2.9% £0.30 £9.46 £23.95
Attend 1.4% £0.30 £9.56 £24.35

As you can see, Attend has the lowest fees and generates the highest profits per transaction. Paypal charges the same low fixed fee, but the percentage is higher, and remember that Paypal is just the payment portal – it doesn’t come with any of the great features of Attend.

What's the cost after your 12-month* free trial?

All of Attend’s features are available and completely free during the trial period, and after that time the monthly fees are shown below.

Remember these are calculated per month and are based on the number of people registered on your courses during that month, not the number of people recorded in your club.

Number of attendees Monthly Fee
1-120 £10
121-200 £15
201+ £30

Each month Attend will send you an invoice by email which will have a breakdown of how you have been charged, and 5 days  later payment will be taken by Stripe from the card you registered your subscription with. There will be no charge whilst in your trial period, but also no charge as mentioned before if the ‘Total Number of Client Bookings’ is 0.

The invoices can always be seen in your Attend account via the link on the dashboard (once you’ve set up your monthly subscription).

*Free Trial is for 12 months as of 01/02/2020 while the product is in Beta, we reserve the right to remove this at any time for new customers.

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