Even more options for sharing your course with Attend

You know the score: you’ve arranged a course or workshop but you have no idea who’s coming along to the first session and the people who have said they’ll attend haven’t paid yet, so your expected numbers and revenue could be very different from reality.

Attend is designed to prevent that situation and makes it as easy as possible for your customers to sign up and pay online for your course or workshop in a matter of moments, and you’ll get an email with the number of attendees so you know how many people to prepare for.

And now the Attend share link has had a makeover!

We’ve been listening to customer feedback and made some changes to the Attend invitation link so that you have even more flexibility when choosing how and when people sign up for your classes!

If you’re a video-kind of person, you can see an overview of the changes below, or scroll down to read the details.

The new Share link screen features easy to click buttons and clearly shows the different options available to you when you create your link.

To share a course you’ve already created, click the ‘Share a course URL’ link on the Attend dashboard, or select the ‘Current and Future courses’ option on the ‘Manage Courses’ screen. Click the ‘Share’ link in the table for the course you want to share.

Share link screen

Once you’ve made a share link the details will be shown at the top of the overlay and you’ll be able to copy and paste the URL into your website or social media post. If the course is a new one with no links, you’ll see a message to say that you’ve not created any links yet.

Step 1 - set your price

First of all, decide how much you want to charge your customers. The link price will be automatically set at the standard price of a session, but if you want to offer a discount, or have a larger drop-in price for those who don’t know if they’ll arrive every week, you can set the value for the link you create.

Session price

Step 2 - how do you want to be paid?

Choose how you want your attendees to pay. Should everyone pay for the course in advance (if you’re connected with Stripe through the app), or just pay cash when they arrive for their class? The default setting is in advance for clubs connected to Stripe, and per session for those who haven’t signed up for Stripe payment yet.

Course payment

Step 3 - when should the link expire?

Decide when you want the invitation link to expire. There are three options: at the same time that the course starts, at the same time that the course ends, or pick a particular date at midnight. This is perfect if you want to know your numbers well in advance of your course starting, or if you want to advertise a cheaper early bird sign-up link that will expire a week or so before the first session. The default date is the start of the first session.

Link expiry

Step 4 - give your link a name

If you want to, give your link a name. If you’re going to make several different course invitations you can name each one so that you remember the settings for them. But this name is just for your records, your customers won’t see it.

Link name

Step 5 - Create your share link

Click the Create a new invitation button and the link will appear in the table at the top of the screen. Simply click the Copy button and paste your link into an email, social media post or embed it into your website.

Create share link

You can create as many different invitation links you need to in a variety of combinations as standard, there are no restrictions.  If customers pay for your course via Stripe when they use the link, you’ll be charged the same small fee (1.4% + 30p) per transaction, whether you’ve created one link or 50 for the same event!

Several links

Once your links have been made, simply click the Copy button and paste the URL into your website, a social media post or an email to your existing customers and see how easy it is to fill up your courses with Attend.

Top Tip!

One of Attend’s nice features is that when a member has signed up for one of your classes and has entered their details the system remembers them so when they book for another class they simply verify their details and pay.  It’s so easy, and if it’s easy for them, it will help to keep your classes full.


If you want to see how easy it is for your clients to sign up to your courses, check out our short video

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