January is around the corner and with that the start of the ‘New Year, New You’ rush to make 2020 the year to finally get fit.

Perhaps you don’t have time, you don’t know what to say or you’ve finally ground to a halt on what to post next.

And you know that marketing and building that all important know, like and trust factor is crucial to your business.

You work closely with your clients, but before they decide you’re the one for them you need to let them get to know you.

We’ve put together 30 ideas for content you can easily create and share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that helps you to create and build that all important trust.

And all those extra clients can be a great problem to have, but you know that by the 1st February their motivation and drive will dip or disappear completely and that could leave you with fewer clients than you’d like.

Ideally, you’d like to keep as many as possible going into February and beyond so now is the time to plan your retention strategy for January.


  • Focus on the results they’ll get rather than how many classes, session or hours they’ll need to commit to.


  • Remind them they’re not alone. Give them support and create a community where they know they’re all in it together and celebrate their wins, no matter how small.


  • Email them healthy food swap ideas and recipes


  • Encourage them to like your social media accounts and tag them in your posts and celebrate how well they’re doing.


  • Share previous client’s success stories.


  • Add value rather than discounts, so offer 12 sessions for the price of 10 rather than 20% off.


  • Collaborate with other businesses that compliment yours. For example, partner up to offer exclusive deals with a physio or massage therapist.


  • Encourage them to embrace new fitness and well-being habits and be available before and after classes to answer their questions.


  • Even though your classes are busy, keep your marketing going and generating leads.


  • Offer a loyalty programme with rewards to reduce the amount of clients that may drop off in February.


  • Make it easier for them to pay and register for classes at times that work for them.


  • Even though your classes are busy, keep your marketing going and generating leads.

Let’s wrap-up.  Those in the fitness industry can struggle to retain clients so it’s a part of your business that requires a strategy and a system to help you manage it.

Want a way to even out the peaks and troughs of your fitness business?

The AttendApp enables you to:

  • Build a community by keeping in touch with all your members
  • Send encouraging messages and useful hints and tips to keep them focused in-between classes
  • Make it easier for them to pay and book at a time that works for them
  • Spend time engaging with your current clients and attracting new ones
  • Track your income easily giving you more time to focus on your clients
  • Create reports quickly enabling you to keep a close eye on payments and attendance

Top Tip!

One of Attend’s nice features is that when a member has signed up for one of your classes and has entered their details the system remembers them so when they book for another class they simply verify their details and pay.  It’s so easy, and if it’s easy for them, it will help to keep your classes full.

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