Getting started with Attend is as easy as 1-2-3

Once you’ve registered with Attend you can have people signing up for your courses in no time!

1. CONNECT WITH STRIPE through the Attend dashboard.

If you want your course attendees to pay for the course when they sign up online you’ll need to register for a Stripe account. Click the Connect to Stripe button and fill in the form to tell Stripe about your business and most importantly give them your bank details so they can transfer your course fees to you. (Minus a 30p + 1.4% processing charge).

If you’re happy for people to pay you when they arrive at your sessions, then just skip this step.

2. CREATE a course

Click the Create a Course link on the Dashboard, enter a course name, category, start time and date, location, number of sessions, length of sessions and session price to make a course.

(For a more detailed overview of the Create course screen see the How To Create Your First Course blog article.)

3. GENERATE and SHARE an invitation URL

Go to the Current and Future courses page or click the link to Share a Course link in the dashboard. Click the Share link in the courses table.

Click the create a new invitation link button to generate the invitation URL.

Click the copy button to copy the URL to the clipboard and then paste it into your website, an email or onto your social media post.

Your attendees can click the URL and enter their details through the quick and simple sign-up process, pay for the course and you’ll get an email to let you know your class numbers.

In 3 easy steps you can have your courses filling up and money going into your bank account!


Check out all the other features of Attend in our YouTube video or get in touch to see how Attend could help you with running and organising the classes you love.

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