Super Summer Camps part 2, or: It’s raining, it’s pouring – how do you entertain the children?

Once the summer holidays have started, you anticipate long days of sunny weather – ideal for all your great sports’ camp activities. But then British Summer lives up to its reputation: clouds gather, the temperature drops and before you know it the heavens have opened, and you’re faced with 30 or so children to entertain inside for the rest of the day.

It’s always a good idea to plan for bad weather, but its also sensible to have some quieter, indoor-type activities up your sleeve in case of too much sun or just some general extra time you might not have anticipated.


Here are some tips and ideas for those times when you have to change your plans, so you aren’t caught out this summer.

  • A healthy eating discussion – this could be followed up with an activity for the children plan their own healthy meal and draw it on a paper plate.


  • A talk about the importance of exercise – again you could get the children to plan their own exercise activities, and if the rain stops later you could give them chance to implement and practise some of their ideas.


  • Draw/paint a poster relevant to your location or club – a recent one we heard of was a poster for the street on which the club was located reminding parents to drive carefully.


  • Design a new logo for the club/activity


  • Draw the ideal _____ e.g. tennis player – encourage the children to think about what qualities they should have. There are so many possibilities depending on the nature of your holiday camp. We saw the ideal artist once, who had a creative brain and 20 arms to paint with different colours!


  • Puzzles/Games


There are many more activities that can be done to pass the time if needed and its always handy to have a bag stored in the car or at your venue with a selection of items that can be used in times of need! This is what’s in ours:

  • Paper


  • Pens & Pencils


  • Board Games (Connect 4, Snakes & Ladders, Battleships)


  • Print outs of relevant colouring- in activities, word searches, dot-to-dots and other puzzles. A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of possibilities, for almost any topic you care to think of.


What are your favourite wet weather camp activities? Pop over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to let us your ideas and what you’ll be doing at summer camp over the holidays!

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