Using The Attend App For Children's Classes

This blog post is specific to using the Attend App for children’s courses. Please see How The Attend App Helps You During Your Sessions by clicking the link, if you’re looking for an overview of helpful features of the Attend App.

Using The Attend App For Children’s Classes

It’s not possible for children’s photographs to be uploaded when their parents sign them up for the courses due to child protection. instead you’ll see black silhouettes or a list with the same payment status and medical alert icons on the members view.

Another extra feature for children’s records is a “No Photography” icon. When a parent or guardian signs up for a course on behalf of their child, they can choose whether to give permission for photographs to be taken of their child during the course. If permission is not given, the “No Photography” Icon will be seen on the child’s record which will help easily identify which groups you will be able to photograph to show what a fantastic time the children are having, which you will then be able to use for your marketing.

With the Attend App, you’ve got all the information you’ll need to hand without any need for searching through sheets of paper.

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