How to create a special price share link for your course

Perhaps you want to make a special offer for your courses. Maybe you want to  run six sessions for the price of five to encourage people to sign up. Or maybe you want to set different levels of pricing for members or non-members.

With Attend you can share your course so people can sign up, but you can set a special price so that people who use a particular  link will be able to pay for your courses at a different level than the people who sign up with the regular course link.

To set a special price for the course, click the Share course URL in your club dashboard.

This will show the list of current and future courses.

If a course is started, that it’s not possible to share it and have people sign up through this method, but you can send invitations to individuals using the mobile app.

To give a course a special price, click the £ tag next to the Create a new invitation link button.

Enter the amount you want to charge per session and click the Create a new invitation link button.

A new link with a special price will be created, click Copy to copy the url and then you can paste it into an email or website, wherever you want people to sign up from.

If you’re connected to Stripe, Attend will use the special price to calculate how much your members need to pay when they sign up using this special link. If you collect money another way, the confirmation will tell the member that they need to pay that special amount per session, and the record in the mobile app will show the special price members with a black circle rather than a blue one.

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