How to send a personal invitation via text message to a potential participant

One of the great things about Attend is that, when you create a course, you can create a link that you can paste into social media, send in an email or add to your website so people can sign up to join your courses. (See our blog post for how to make a share link.)

However, you might have a conversation with somebody at the shops and realize that they would love to sign up to your course. Rather than directing them to the website, which means that they have to go and find the link later that day, you can send them a personal invitation with the link straight to their mobile phone, so all they have to do is click once to be taken directly to the sign-up screen.

To send an invitation, simply log in to your Attend mobile app, click on the Attend menu and select Invite.

Choose the course you want to invite your contact to.

The first screen will remind you when the next session is, the course dates and the location.

And it will show you the capacity and how many people you already have booked on so that you don’t invite somebody to a course that’s already fully booked!


Click the Send Invite button and enter the name and mobile number of your contact.

If you think they need a little bit of an incentive to come along, you can set a special price which will only be applied when their link is used to sign up.


Click the add special price button and enter the price per session. When your contact receives their invitation, and signs-up, if you’re connected to Stripe and have people pay for your courses, then they’ll pay you the special price that you’ve just applied.

Click the Send Invite button and you’ll be taken to your messaging app. Where you’ll see person’s name in your message along with their link.


You can add a little bit of text to remind them of your conversation and encourage them to sing-up to your course, and then you just click send.

As your message is sent, the mobile app will sync with the web browser so that your contact will be able to sign up to your course there and then as soon as they receive their text message.

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