How to use the admin functions in the app: Categories, Locations and Report

The admin section of the Attend web app allows you to manage your course categories, locations and  most importantly, create reports for your courses, so that you can see your attendance and financial records.


To access the various features, click the admin tab in the menu bar or select the admin icon on the dashboard.


The course categories option allows you to group your courses as you choose, so that it’s easier to organise your course reports. You might want to distinguish between junior and senior courses, for example, or you could run courses in different locations, so you want to make reports for each place. If you click the course categories icon, you can see a list of categories.

To make a new category, simply click the ‘create new category’ icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Enter the new category name and click save.

If you want to stop using a particular category for a while, you can disable it by clicking the red disable link in the list.

The category won’t appear in the drop-down list when making a new course now, however the course is still there, and if you click the ‘show inactive course categories’ checkbox, any disabled courses will be displayed in the list.  These can then be enabled again if required at a later date. The category will appear in the list of live categories and can be selected from the drop-down category list when new courses are created.


Just as for the categories, when you create a new course you need to choose a location from a drop-down list.

You can add a new location when you create your course but it’s sometimes easier to enter several locations at once and then you’ll know all the correct details are in the system when you’re making your new courses.


Click on the locations tab in the admin menu or the locations icon from the admin menu page to view the list of locations that have been entered into the system.

To create a new location, go to the bottom right of the screen and click the new location icon.

You need to enter a location name, first line of address and a post code to save the location. You can add a contact name and phone number if required.

Click save and the new location will be added to the list. It will appear in the drop-down menu when you add a location for a new course or session.


A location can be disabled by clicking the red ‘disable’ link in the table, and it can be enabled again by checking the ‘show disabled locations’ checkbox, and then selecting the orange re-enable link.


The reporting feature in Attend allows you to download reports for one course, for all the courses in a chosen category, or all the courses in your club within a selected date period. The reports are in an Excel format and can be opened in Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet software.


To access the reports, click on the reports icon on the admin menu.

To download a single course report, click on the single course button, and then choose the course to download from the drop-down list.

Click the ‘Generate report’ button, and the report will be downloaded, ready to be opened in the spreadsheet software.

Looking at the report, you can see the club name, the course, the date range of the course sessions, and the names of the people who were signed up. Attendance is marked Y for yes, N for no, and the amount paid is shown for each session. At the bottom you can see the total number of people who attended each week and how much money was paid.


On the right-hand side are the total number of attendances at sessions and the total number of fees paid.

To view all the courses in one category, click the ‘All courses in category’ button and choose the category that you want to view. Then select a start and end date for the report. Click the ‘Generate report’ button.

When the spreadsheet is opened all the courses in the selected category, during the dates selected, will be shown. In the totals columns on the right hand side you can see the totals for the individual courses and also the total number of attendances for that category and the total amount of money paid by students.

To view all the courses that have happened in a certain time frame, simply click All courses in all categories and the dates that you want to view. It will show the attendance and financial details of all the courses which have taken place within the selected dates.

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