How to add a new staff member to your club

When you set up your account, you are automatically listed as a member of staff, and you can allocate yourself as the course leader to any courses that you create.


But, maybe you’ve got some other people who run your courses for you, and you want them to be able to use Attend to take the register, to mark people as paid, and that way you’ll have all your attendance in one place. The beauty of Attend is that it’s easy to do that, and you can stay in control of your courses by only giving your staff members access to the courses that they are responsible for.


To access the Staff area of the system, you can click on the Manage Staff icon on the dashboard, or the Staff tab on the main menu.

Then you can view a list of all your staff members.

To create a new member of staff, you click Create New Staff icon at the bottom of the screen.

Then enter the personal details of the new staff member: Their first and last names are obligatory, as is an email address and ‘phone number. You can enter an address if you choose.


The end date field is so that you can enter the end of a staff member’s service with you. Once that date is reached, they won’t be able to be added to any courses anymore, and they won’t appear in the drop-down list of staff members to select from when a course is created. It’s optional, so can be left blank.

Decide the privileges you want your staff member to have. There are two levels of privilege: system administrator or coach.

A system administrator is able to help with the everyday running and administration of the club. They can access all the courses, all the members, all the staff and admin records in the club. They can also create new courses and make a share link to advertise them. However, they can’t sign up to Stripe, or subscribe to Attend on your behalf.


The coach has a much more minimal access. When they log into their Attend account, on the web or mobile app, they will only be able to view the courses that they are teaching, and the members who are signed up on them.


They can contact members on their courses, but they can’t see any other details, or any other courses that you might have running in your club.


Select whether you want to make your new staff member a coach or an administrator, and then click the save icon at the bottom of the form.


Your staff member will be saved in your list of members of staff, and you can select them as the course leader or assistant whenever you create a new course.


Your member of staff will receive an email telling them that an account has been created, and they’ll receive a temporary password so they’ll be able to log in to the web app. Once they log in, they can check the details that you’ve entered about them, they can change their password to something memorable. Then they need to download the app onto their iPhone, log in to their mobile account, and  they’re all set to start taking attendance on your courses.

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