How to create your first course, class or group using Attend App

The first thing you’ll want to do when you’ve registered your club with Attend is to create a new course which you do on your computer or laptop using the Attend Dashboard.

Go to and click on the Customer Login button and enter your username and password.

Create Your First Course, Class or Group

Whether you call it a course or a class, class group, it doesn’t matter but basically these are the regular events that you want people to sign-up to and attend.

To make it as easy as possible for you to create your course, we’ve added a handy Create New Course shortcut right on the front of your Attend dashboard.

But you can also use the Manage Courses icon, or the Courses tab on the Menu.

Using the Create New Course you click the link and you get your Create Course screen.

Give Your Course A Name

Type in the box beside ‘Course Name’. The name you give your course will be the one shown to your participants when they sign up using the share link, so make sure it will be clear for them too.

It might help to add a month or season so that you can keep track of courses you run each term for example, Women’s Boxing Sept ’18, and the date can then be changed each time you create a new version of the course.

You also have the option to put your course into a Category.

The Category option is designed to make it easy for you to group your courses together – say, by location, or age group or some other feature. This will be helpful when it comes to looking at the reports available in the Admin menu – you can printout reports based on course category as well as individual courses.

You can set up a load of categories all at once in the Admin menu, but initially you can create a category for your first course.

Simply click the new category icon, and put in your category name.

It’s possible that you have different types of courses, maybe you have running, maybe you have circuit training. You can use either of those categories to separate your courses.

Create categories that work best for you.

Add Your Course Leader

Every course needs to have a leader assigned to it – this will be the staff member who delivers the class, and the person who will be able to view the attendance register details in the mobile app.

Click the drop-down arrow in the Leader box, and because you’re the one that’s registered for the App initially, it will be your name that appears.

The App allows you to add another leader for the course if you need to by clicking on Add Assistant. You’ll see another drop-down box, and you can select another staff member from your list. (Click here to view a video showing you how to add another member of staff to your club.)

How To Add Your Maximum Attendees

When people sign-up to your course using Attend the system will take this number and will make sure that you don’t have too many people sign-up, because it will prevent people from signing up once your maximum attendee limit is reached.

This can be edited should you need to.

Adding a Location

You need to add a location for your course. Like the categories, several of these can be added in the Admin section, but to start with you can put your first location in when you make your course.

Click the location icon at the right hand side of the drop-down box:

Enter the details and click Create location

Add Photographs

You have the option to show member photographs, which is a handy way for you to identify your attendees.

Useful for when you haven’t worked out who’s who yet.

Click the box beside Show Member Photos, and when members sign-up they’ll be given the option to upload their photograph.

If they do that their picture will be shown in the app for you.

So that when they come in you can see straight away who they are.

It helps you to learn people’s names, and it means that when people come in first and they’re a little bit nervous, you can be really welcoming.

Number of Sessions, cost and duration

Enter the session details.

The cost per session will be multiplied by the number of sessions to work out how much your members will need to pay if you use Stripe to take payment when they sign up to classes. (Click here to view the blog post showing you how to sign up to Stripe.)

Enter a session duration in minutes in multiples of 5,  e.g. half an hour will be ’30’.

Select the days you’re running the session

The days of the week are there for you to decide when you want to run your course.

You can easily identify whether you’re running your course weekly, bi-weekly or every day.

So there’s a lot of flexibility about how often during a week you run your sessions.

Once you’ve added all that information you simply click Save, and your first course has been created.

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